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It gained autonomy in the year Fulfilling the desires of the people of the region, the Autonomous Postgraduate Centre was accorded the status of a University in the year Initially, Sri Krishnadevaraya University functioned as a unitary University. It was conferred the status of an affiliating University in the year

About sri krishna devaraya

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Vijaynagar kingdom was one of the important kingdoms in the medieval Indian history. Vijaynagar Dynasty rules over India for 3 centuries. It is a history full of wars with Bahamani and other muslim rulers of northern Deccan, collectively said as Deccan sultanates.

Vijayanagara is in Bellary District of northern Karnataka. It is the name of the now-ruined capital city of the historic Vijayanagar Kingdom which extended over the southern part of India that included the territories of Mysore, Trichinopally, Kanara, Pondicherry, Chingalpet and Kanchivaram.

They were also known as Sangama brothers. Vijaynagar Empire consolidated under Harihara I and began to expand and prosper under Bukka Raya which was more defensible and secure for its location between 14th and 16th century. It is said that a sage Madhav Vidyaranya and his brother Sayana were the inspirational source for this empire.

The rulers were strict worshipers of the Hindu Gods and Goddess, but also tolerant towards the other religions. The emperors were great patrons of art and culture. The region influenced a development in the streams of music, literature and architecture. Many temples built in the territories of the south represent the style of Vijaynagar kingdom.

The economy of the region flourished and several coins were introduced during the reign of the rulers of the Vijaynagar Empire. Kings of Vijaynagar Dynasty: Sangama dynasty — CE was the first to rule over Vijaynagar kingdom.

But its power declined after a major military defeat in by the Deccan Sultanates. He is known as Hakka and Vira Harihara I.

He was the founder of Vijaynagar Empire, which was at south based in the Deccan Plateau.

About sri krishna devaraya

It is concluded from the inscriptions that he was administering the northern parts of Karnataka at Gutti, Ananthpur district from his seat during period of time.

Harihara was controlling northern portion of Hoysala kingdom. Kampana governed Nellur region, Muddppa administered Mulabagalu region, Marappa oversaw Chandragutti and Bukka Raya was his second in command.

So overall his kingdom was well organized. The kingdom prospered and continued to expand as Bukka Raya conquered most of the kingdoms of southern India, continually expanding the territory of the empire.

He defeated the Shambuvaraya Kingdom of Arcot and the Reddis of Kondavidu by and the region around Penukonda was annexed. He defeated the Sultanate of Madurai in and extended his territory into the south all the way to Rameswaram. His son, Kumara Kamapna campaigned with him and their efforts were recorded in the Sanskrit work Madhuravijayam written by his wife Gangambika.

By he had gained an upper hand over the Bahmanis for control of the Tungabhadra-Krishna doab and also took control of Goa, the kingdom of Orissa Orya were also captured and Bukka forced the Jaffna Kingdom of Ceylon and Malabar to pay tributes to him.

During his reign Bukka would also have clashes with the Bahmani Sultans.Nov 06,  · Pichi Prema Telugu Short Film by Sri Krishna Devaraya 1. Comments.

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Category Love/Romance. Related Videos. TWO FIFTYS. Sri Krishna Devaraya university vice-chancellor metin2sell.compal has garlanded the statue of Sri Krishna Devaraya on the occasion of his historical coronation day on Monday. Speaking on the.

Sri Krishna Devaraya was the emperor of Vijayanagara Kingdom. The king benefited from the able Prime Minister, Timmarusu. The minister was responsible for the coronation and was in .

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While Babur was just laying the foundation for the Mughal empire at the time. “Vijayanagara was much more powerful during that period.” Majority of the people claim that Babur had a stronger rule but the truth is that Krishna devaraya.

Kanderi Dileep Kumar, Sri Krishna Devaraya University, Microbiology Department, Emeritus. Studies Microbiology, Industrial Biotechnology, and Applied microbiology.

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