Another essay on axis powers defeat

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Another essay on axis powers defeat

Why was the Axis defeated in the Second World War and why did it take so long? The end of the war saw the Allied powers defeat the Axis powers.


Each of these was made up of various countries at a global scale. For the Axis, the primary powers were Germany, Japan, and Italy. According to Goldsmith a number of factors lead to the defeat of the Axis powers.

These ranged from tactical errors made by the individual Axis powers to economic disadvantage of the Axis powers. It is also clear that, the war took long given the various factors at play especially the superiority of the Axis in and which was as a result of the economic and resource advantage of the Axis power; they could have easily defeated the Allies.

This essay therefore seeks to establish why the Axis were defeated in the second world war and why it took so long for the war to end, or rather, for one side to defeat the other.

Another essay on axis powers defeat

This will be done through literature review. Why the Axis lost According to Overyone of the primary reasons why the Axis lost was due to their ignorance of the importance of the sea. The Allied powers on the other hand had firm grip of the sea and even though they almost lost inthey were able to recover and reverse the gains the Axis had made.

With a firm grip of the sea, the Allied took control of Axis routes therefore cutting their supplies and shipping of war goods. In addition to the sea-power, the US employed the use of combat aircrafts to hunt subs.

The second reason that has been raised by Overy is the tactical error for the Axis powers. There are a number of errors that have been recorded that the Axis powers engaged in therefore, diverging useful combat power and resources that would have been otherwise used in the Second World War.

Each of the three major powers in the Axis alliance had a fair share of tactical errors which accumulatively weakened the Axis alliance. The first was Germany which undertook a number of tactical errors with the primary being the invasion to Russia Hanson, One of the principal objectives of the Axis war campaign was to expand their territory through the colonial sphere.

As a result, the major tactical errors were geared towards this objective and so was the invasion to Russian by Germany. Hitler sought to acquire Russia for himself by purging it into two, the Bolshevism and the other part for the undesirables that is the Jews and the Slavs Hanson, Because he was hell-bent towards acquiring Russia, he ignored intelligence and being motivated by the recent success in France and Finland and the embarrassing defeat of the Russians by Finland, Hitler made his fateful move.

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The attach of was the largest in human history with the front line extending miles and at the beginning of the war, it involved 3 million soldiers from the Axis alliance from army divisions.

In defense, the Russians mounted army divisions with 34 of them armored. The fatal miscalculation of diverting forces from Army Group Centre to the south in the direction of Kiev by Hitler saw the ill-equipped German army battle in one of the worst recorded winters in Moscow with the Germanys never to recover Overy, The result was withdrawal from all Russian sectors and a devastating loss of resources both weapons and personnel.

The other tactical error was by Italy in an effort to invade Greece. Under Mussolini, and with the challenge from Germany for conquering France, Italy invaded Greece as a strategy to prove that it was at the level of the world great powers, and more so, equal to Hitler in Germany Goldsmith, InMussolini made the first campaign but the Greeks counteracted to force overItalian troops to retreat.

Ina similar attack also failed, but Hitler came in to support his ally and inGreece was completely defeated by the Germany and Italian forces.

Even though this was ultimately successful, the error was in committing Axis troop to a side-mission in a time of war.1.

Another essay on axis powers defeat

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The table below presents an abbreviated geologic time scale, with times and events germane to this essay. Please refer to a complete geologic time scale when this one seems inadequate. May 14,  · This essay therefore seeks to establish why the Axis were defeated in the second world war and why it took so long for the war to end, or rather, for one side to defeat the (+44)

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