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Footnotes TOWN Settlement outside the monastic precinct probably centred on a market place north-west of the abbey, extending eastwards from the present area and established by the earlier 13th century.

From it streets ran roughly east, west, north, and south.


High Street, also known as the great street or the street leading to Wells, fn. Such Bbm 406 notes must have been complete by the later 12th century when the church of St. John, which lay on its northern side, is first mentioned.

Benignus and less salubrious parts of the town. Northwards from its junction with Cart Lane to the end of High Street is the present Lambrook Street, named after the Langbroc, a source of water for both town and abbey, which occurs c. James's Street, between it and Cart Lane, named by —9 after St.

Catherine named in The exceptions to this pattern were some in the Market Place nos. Some probably had single-storey halls, others were two- or three-storeyed throughout. Ground floors and gable ends of most houses were of stone, the rest being timber-framed with jettied upper storeys.

Examples in Magdalene Street no. The George and Pilgrim inn and a house which stood further east in High Street were built with elaborate fronts entirely of stone, the latter articulating an arrangement of hall and chambers aligned with the street.

Glastonbury town in Post-Medieval Most of the houses in the town centre remained essentially unaltered from before the dissolution of the abbey in until the mid 17th century, a reflection of economic stagnation.

After the middle of the 17th century most new buildings were constructed on a modest scale with walls entirely of coursed rubble. From the mid 18th century rubble was sometimes combined with red brick and ashlar, which were used alone only for superior houses until the mid 19th century.

From the mid 18th century most roofs were covered with clay tiles. Houses in High Street, Magdalene Street, and notably in Chilkwell Street bear witness to extensive rebuilding in the town in the second half of the 17th century, probably following enfranchisement of former monastic properties.

Cock Lane running south of and parallel to High Street in the earlier 18th century, may have been the result of infill.

Bbm 406 notes

Shop in High Street, Glastonbury, Rebuilding and infilling rather than physical growth characterised the town in the early 18th century.

Houses remain at the west end of High Street nos. John's church, where two or three nos. One, the former St. Dunstan's House, and no.

They were followed in the earlier 19th century by villas and large houses such as Somerset House and its neighbour, the former convent, in Magdalene Street, Northload Hall in Northload Street, and Blenheim House and other villas in Chilkwell Street. More significant was the rebuilding of properties in High Street after Individual houses and other buildings were refronted in plain classical style using stucco or ashlar, and after c.

The new work was designed to increase living accommodation above shops, some of which were created within formerly residential buildings. Several 19thcentury shop fronts survive, including Stuckey's now Lloyd's Bank, next to the George and Pilgrim, designed by G.

Tilley in in deliberate emulation of its medieval neighbour. The reinstatement of the high cross in with one designed by Benjamin Ferrey to resemble an Eleanor Cross was done in the same spirit.

Subdivisions of plots elsewhere in the later 19th century led to the building of cottages in terraces and courts such as Victoria Buildings and Hanover and Somers squares.

Market place, Glastonbury, c. Nine small dwellings called Landmead Cottages in Grist Lane fn.Notes 3 INTERIOR FIRMS' LOWER BOUND Peripheral firms have 4 half-markets of 0 and, taking into account neighboring firms, imply 6 half-markets of Y.

Let 1 firm have the minimum half-market of O.5Y, implying 2 more neighboring half-markets of Y. Hence, we have. First landding in Viracopos airport, possibly flight longest operated from Viracopos airport, totaly hours direct!.

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