Corporate strategy of asian paints

Recent Business Strategy in Asian paints - June 9th, The Asian Paints group is pursuing a three-pronged strategy to drive its export business to quarter of its total turnover within the next five years. Largely spun around the emerging markets, the three-way export strategy will primarily see the group train its eyes on markets where it could gain leadership position, countries where it sees opportunities for growth and nations where licensing arrangement possibilities exist. Through Berger International, it has presence in dozen countries.

Corporate strategy of asian paints

This industry has virtually grown more than doubled in size over the last ten years, providing employment for thousands of people today. Considering the population of Bangladesh as million, the annual per capita paint consumption in Bangladesh is around grams, which in value is Tk.

The paint market in Bangladesh is highly competitive with more than companies operating in the industry.

Corporate strategy of asian paints

However, only fifteen of them are national players with the rest operating only on a regional basis. The picture of the paint industry was a bit different until Asian Paints, an Indian Giant, entered with style in Bangladesh in For the first time in Bangladesh, the company introduced the concept of multiple shade choice to the customer in most of its emulsion paints.

Such varieties in color shades were not offered by paint companies previously. The fierce rivalry with the Indian giant has forced UK-based Berger Paints to hone its marketing strategy by introducing Color Bank, offering more than 5, shades in just 5 minutes.

As a leading company in the paint industry, BPBL is more customer-oriented and continuously investing in its manufacturing process to keep its supreme product quality and reliability compared to that of its competitors.

BPBL is able to lead the market since the last twenty years in the decorative sector. At present Bangladesh paint industry has 5 companies who have significant market share. The nearest competitor is Asian Paints who resides far below the market leader in aspect of the market share.

With the development of the economy and its burgeoning population, the Bangladeshi paint market presents a threshold of opportunity and great potential.

As the market has huge growth prospects, other multinational companies may wish to venture into the Bangladesh market and competition may get fiercer, in future.

It sources raw materials from some of the best suppliers in the world. With its strong distribution network, Berger has reached almost every corner of Bangladesh. The nationwide dealer network, supported by eleven sales depots strategically located at Dhaka, Chittagong, Rajshahi, Khulna, Bogra, Sylhet, Comilla, Barisal, Mymensingh, Rangpur and Feni has enabled Berger to cater to all parts of the country.

One of the prime objectives of the company is to provide best customer support through Berger Home Decor service. Berger Paints is the first company in Bangladesh to offer a wide range of designer painting schemes for wall, inspiring imagination through Berger illusions.

Berger Paints has taken a drive towards complete product offerings that are lead free and health and environment friendly. In recognition to its standard process management in all departments, Berger has achieved the ISO The vision and mission of Berger Paints Bangladesh Ltd.

BPBL is very transparent and tangible. Berger emphasize highly on the ethical commitment to produce benchmark quality product. The vision and mission statement of the company are: We shall remain socially committed ethical company.

Generally six board meeting are called in BPBL during a year where chairman of the board of Directors presided over the meeting. These committees sit at least once a month to approve various proposals brought by the management prior to implementation.

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All the proposals are initiated by the mid- level managers and then forwarded to the Managing Director MD through the head of the divisions or departments.

The company has also a legal problems faced by the company and external auditors to conduct audit activities of BPBL. Among the ten managers three directly report to the Executive directors and other report to the Managing Director.

The Managers of each department monitor the work activities of subordinates, convey top management decisions and provide necessary feedback to reach organizational goals and objectives.

In response the bottom level managers perform their responsibilities sincerely and report regularly to their immediate superiors. Limited and Dada Group. The product range includes specialized outdoor paints to protect against adverse weather conditions, Color Bank, superior Marine Paints, Textured Coatings, Heat Resistant Paints, Roofing Compounds and Epoxies, in each of these product categories, Berger has been the pioneer.

To bolster customer satisfaction, Berger has recently launched Illusion — the first designer paint solution.Asian Paints Overall Corporate Strategy 62 Asian Paints Acquisition targets 63 Possible acquisition of Snowcem 65 Business Strategy 66 Urban strategy 67 Rural strategy 69 Strategy for international markets 69 Differentiation and the role of branding The current corporate objective of this company is as follows: Asian Paints aims to become one of the top five Decorative coatings companies world-wide by leveraging its expertise in .

Berger is one of the oldest names in the world paint industry with a heritage of more than years of paint business. In , Berger Paints Bangladesh Limited (BPBL), erstwhile Jenson &Nicholson, had set up its first factory in Chittagong to manufacture products locally for Bangladesh market.

Publisher of academic books and electronic media publishing for general interest and in a wide variety of fields. Asian Paints Business Strategy 1.

Analysis of Business StrategyAsian Paints 2. Presentation Path 3. Asian Paints strategy for acquiring higher product demand could be three pronged.

Use these intermediaries for initiating demand: The intermediaries (the painters, contractors, designers, decorators etc.) could be used as a marketing arm of the company.

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