Csr case studies in pakistan

Universal Journal of Management Vol. Case Study of Pakistan Mahmoud Y. The relationship between corporate social responsibility CSR and corporate financial performance has been subject to extensive empirical enquiry. Yet the body of evidence that has accumulated about the nature of the relationship is equivocal.

Csr case studies in pakistan

Corporate Social Responsibility Typically, when people think about sustainability in the realm of Corporate Social Responsibility CSRthey think about the specific activities of companies, such as conservation of natural resources and the integration of alternative energy in buildings and factories.

Some companies, however, take sustainability a step further in their CSR efforts. Unilevera British-Dutch multinational consumer goods company, focuses not only on the specific activities of their company, but also the supply chain that supports it, as well as the activities of its customers and consumers.

This effort to go above and beyond the norm by making sustainable living commonplace is why Unilever is widely regarded as one of the few truly sustainable businesses in the world. As one of the world's leading suppliers of fast moving consumer goods with operations in over countries and sales inUnilever's sheer size enables it to make an enormous positive impact on both society and the environment.

The company's groundbreaking, year Sustainable Living Plan is perhaps its greatest CSR success so far and exemplifies how businesses can reduce environmental impact for the long-term and on a large-scale, while also maintaining sales growth. The Sustainable Living Plan, which launched inincludes three overarching goals which Unilever has pledged to achieve by the year In addition to these three goals, the company hopes to double the size of its business.

Five years into the ambitious plan, Unilever is on track to meet most of its green goals and has made admirable progress in improving the livelihood, health, and well being of others.

Csr case studies in pakistan

Unilever has even achieved one its green goals ahead of schedule: It has also managed to reach over million people with programs on hand washing, safe drinking water, sanitation, oral health and self-esteem. In addition, the business case for Unilever's progress couldn't be clearer: In a world of growing rising population, and increasing environmental challenges, the need for businesses to go above and beyond in CSR is evident, as are the benefits and opportunities.

This calls for a transformational approach, like that of Unilever, to the way corporations think about sustainability.Corporate Social Responsibility Centre – Pakistan (CSRCP) was launched to bring awareness on We Engage We envisage engagements with advocacy bodies, Govt, regulatory authorities, non-profit.

Corporate Social Disclosure in Pakistan: A Case Study of Fertilizers governance and corporate social responsibility is newer for the emerging economies like Pakistan. This study tells about the three involvement, case study, Pakistan. INTRODUCTION The performance of the modern corporations is.

Waris, Ali () Corporate social responsibility disclosure (CSRD): a case study of Pakistan.

Csr case studies in pakistan

PhD thesis, Middlesex University. stakeholders as is the emphasis in many research studies. Yunis () did a critical review of CSR research in Pakistan. It was found that companies practice CSR as a short-term reactive activity based on philan-thropy.

The paper further states that CSR research in Pakistan is limited even A comparative study of CSR in Pakistan!.

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Dr. Abdul Ghafoor Awan What are the conditions of Corporate Social Responsibility in Pakistan? ii. The concept of CSR is being implemented in its true sense in the corporate sector. Universal Journal of Management Vol. 5(10), pp. - DOI: /ujm Reprint (PDF) (Kb) Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Financial Performance: Case Study of Pakistan.

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