How to write a popular story on wattpad

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How to write a popular story on wattpad

Maybe even a little scary. And yes, it has to do with Wattpad. I also want to give you some specific ideas and strategies that you can use to get started on your Wattpad journey.

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See, I figure you have some questions about Wattpad. In fact, you may be tempted to give up before you even start… I have good news for you. The point is that writers of all types, levels, and ages are using Wattpad. Some are working to hone their craft; others are just having fun making up and sharing stories.

If you can tell a great story, in a way that readers will enjoy, your work will stand out. People will want to find it. You just need to get the ball rolling…which brings me to good news 2: That will let you tailor your strategy accordingly.

Are you a published author? You might want Wattpad to help you: Introduce your work to new readers Make the first book in your published series free, to spark interest in your other titles Give your readers a platform where they can interact with you directly—in the context of your stories Are you unpublished, in an earlier stage of your writing journey?

Wattpad might help you: Get reader reactions to character and story concepts Build a platform of loyal readers you can use when pitching your book to editors or agents Build a platform of loyal readers who might be interested in your published works down the road Pro tip: Wattpad has helped authors gain fame and relative fortune, but, like the rest of us, those authors had to start with baby steps.


Wattpad provides the opportunity for writers to solicit feedback on their works-in-progress from the kinds of readers who might pick their books off the bookstore shelf. See where it takes you! Wattpad also has a community of graphic artistsmany of whom will create low-cost or free book covers for their fellow Wattpadders.

Write an awesome book description. If a reader is interested enough to click on your book cover, though, the book description is what will entice them to enter your story.Jun 13,  · Have you ever heard of chat fiction apps? If not, then you’re probably not a teenager.

These digital book alternatives, which are presented as . World's largest short story, fiction, and poetry archive and community where writers and readers around the globe gather to share their passion.

Love this episode. This is such a need for more diverse fiction with trans, ace, non-binary, and other minority protagonists. As a trans woman, I have had a hard time finding books with trans protagonists, aside from transition stories, romance, and erotica. Wattpad - Free Books and eBook Reader - Read Fiction, Romance, Celebrity Fanfiction, Teen Fiction stories.

Why Choose Wattpad to Write and Share Fanfiction?

how to write a popular story on wattpad

Have a Great Cover and Story Description. Wattpad Stories with eye-catching covers and attention-grabbing story descriptions tend to perform better. Wattpad stories are at the intersection of popular culture and social relevancy.

The community has a knack for creating humorous, . Just to say that my daughter spent months researching and writing (and rewriting) her book on Wattpad, only to have some despicable individual plagiarise it (they had to have a split screen and copied it word for word) and publish on their own Wattpad profile.

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