Photo essay on nature

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Photo essay on nature

Share via Email In a remote peninsula in northern Siberia lives a group of elderly women. They were once part of a migrating community of reindeer herders but today, in their old age, they spend most of their days in the village of Yar-Sale, cut off from their nomadic relatives and friends.

Though the men are encouraged to stay within the wandering community as they grow older, the women often find themselves facing the struggles of ageing in isolation. Life in the village might seem more comfortable than life as a migrating elder in the wild tundra, but it comes at the cost of great loneliness and a loss of purpose.

In the past, each woman held an essential role in her community. Pudani, for example, was a leading herder, while Liliya was the only person in her tribe who knew how to read.

Over many cups of tea, these women shared their life stories. They told me about magical snowy landscapes, lost parents and partners.

I asked each woman for permission to take their portrait in the natural light of their homes and wearing a precious item from their past. Using their stories as a guide, I also documented the wild landscapes they once wandered. During her lifetime, Autipana experienced many sad losses.

She lost her husband, son and daughter to diseases, and a few years ago her entire reindeer herd perished to starvation during a cold wave. Almost unable to walk, she spends her days mostly limited to her bed.

Although Necla was 89 when this portrait was taken, she still wishes to live with the migrating community.

Now, both of them are herders in the tundra. Angelina was part of a family of shaman women and her mother taught her to read the future using sacred objects from nature.

I view everything with a loving eye. They come to visit her whenever possible but as they are obliged to return to their herds and migrating journeys, Vaynoto is often left alone.Photo Essay: The Uneasy Relationship Between Humans and Nature Matthew swings between trees on the Lost Coast of California.

Trained as a mechanical engineer, he spent two years sourcing his. In today's photo essay, I am focusing on the immediate bond one strikes with nature, when in Coorg. We stayed at Club Mahindra's Kodagu Valley Resort, which is an ecotel-certified green resort.

Photo essay on nature

This was like staying in the middle of wilderness and waking up to morning ragas by birds overhead! Essayists contemporary coffee essay for youth research paper summary of findings conclusions essay writing services plagiarism cases essay on e-education. Photo essay on nature Muet english essay Requirements for separating agreements and other things which are essential to the basic meaning of essay style writer communicate information on nature people in ways that could.

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Locations could include amusement parks, nature preserves, or movie theaters. Photo Essay #8: Give Meaning to Street Photography.

Photo essay on nature

Hit the streets and document the faces of the homeless or the lives of streetwalkers. Try to go deeper than the surface and look for what passersby tend to ignore.

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