Writing a section 7 report social services

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Writing a section 7 report social services

I have a scanned copy but I want it to be anonymous. I am changing names but no other information. Date of application 6 April Date of hearing 16 December Date report completed 10 December late Filing date 7 December Summary of application s and any current orders in force This is a contact application by Mr X.

Contact with both children has been observed at the homes of each party, Mrs X on She is very confident which was shown when she was observed swimming with Mr X. Her favourite colour is pink she enjoys drawing and making pretty pictures. She has good attachment with her parents and is quick to show emotion by either cuddling or communicating her feelings.

writing a section 7 report social services

Sarah has many friends at Rainbow the youngest Girl Guides group which she attends every Wednesday and Friday. When Sarah was asked by Mr Williams about various trips she had made with her father outside of the UK she said she had a very enjoyable time in Finland.

She said she had enjoyed her time there with her cousin J, sharing a bunk bed and Mr X slept on a single bed in the same room. She also has good memories of a visit to Scotland when she saw J again with other cousins S, P and J.

Sarah has only ever had one trip outside the UK with her dad; to Finland to stay with his family. See attached paperwork completed by Sarah. In our view her response showed she felt unable to express a view.

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Josh 2 Josh is an adventurous and inquisitive boy who at times likes to push the boundaries. He has a good appetite. At meal times he knows when he has had enough to eat and when finished he likes to go off and play. He enjoys playing with cars and other motorised toys. His favourite toy at his fathers is a striped zebra that allows him to spin around.

He is content and very secure in the company of both parents, which shows a good attachment to them. Overall summary and analysis Observation of Mrs X: When Mr Williams arrived on the When Mrs X had finished completing the evening meal Sarah was asked to turn off the TV which she did almost immediately and sat at the table with Josh following soon after.

Mrs X said grace, with the children bowing their heads, which they did with no hesitation suggesting that this was their usual routine before eating. Josh at times during the meal tried to distract Sarah by banging his spoon on the table. This was handled by Mrs X by using a distraction technique, asking Josh how nursery had been today, which stopped him a short while.

She continued to talk to Josh whilst also giving attention to Sarah and speaking to Mr Williams. This was a good example of how she was able to multi task, giving ample time and attention to both children. Josh then got down from the table and despite many attempts from his mother refused to return.

Both children in my view seemed at ease with their mother, although Josh like many two year olds tried at times to push the boundaries. Mr Williams had no concerns during this observation. The children looked secure and happyto be with their mother and responded well to instructions.

I deliberately told Josh to turn the TV off; not Sarah. Josh did not go to nursery until he was 3. Observation of Mr X: MrX arrived after collecting Sarah from Rainbow, and was apologetic for being a little late as Sarah had wanted her face painted.

He was appropriately dressed and engaged with Sarah very well. Mr X spent the first half hour at his flat making a Christmas card for the paternal grandmother. He communicated well with Sarah and showed affection by cuddling her during the activity. Mr Williams also noticed how sensitive M X was when he carefully removed the face paint from Sarah before leaving for swimming.This report can sometimes take 14 weeks to prepare, but if a judge is concerned about a child he can ask a report to be carried out sooner.

The social worker will speak to you and will in most cases speak to the child/ren, but what they say and how they talk to the children will depend on the age of the children. Section 7 Reports A guide to welfare reports in private family Section 7 report writing.

Header: The Header of the document should include the case number (taken from the court order the name and address of the social worker/report author. template section 7 children act report GUIDANCE NOTES: 1.

Please delete all the guidance notes/text in blue within the body of this template once you have completed the report. Section 7 report What goes into a section 7 report? The Cafcass worker will decide what information they need for the report based on what the court has asked them to look into.

This may include talking to children (depending on their age and understanding) about . Child Law: What is a Section 7 (s7) Report? Paul J Watson Solicitor.

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The Section 47 Enquiry/Social Work Assessment should be led by a qualified and experienced social worker from Children’s Social Work Services, who will be responsible for its coordination and completion.

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